Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Part D

Medicare Advantage vs. Medicare Part D

If you have been informed about Medicare, you will know that Medicare covers some of your medical care and names them in alphabetical order. Part A of Medicare is known as health insurance while Medicare Part B is known as Medicare insurance. Medicare Part D is also known as a prescription drug plan. Medicare Part C is a way to group Medicare benefits A, B and D into one plan. The Medicare Part D generally for prescription drugs, is added to the Medicare Advantage plans. According to the Trust of the Kaiser Family, approximately 88% of Medicare Advantage plans in 2017 provided coverage for prescription drugs.

What is the benefit of Medicare?

This is a Medicare insurance provided by private insurance firms that enroll for Medicare. Now, Medicare part C plans must offer every feature that Original Medicare offers (parts A and B). In addition to providing prescription drugs, Medicare Advantage plans often offer additional benefits such as:

What is Medicare Part D?

Part D of Medicare is about prescription drugs. You can buy Part D of Medicare through a single plan or a Medicare Advantage plan. If your health insurance plan includes drug coverage, you will not be eligible at the same time for a separate Medicare Part D plan. Independent prescription plans for Part D drugs are usually combined with the conventional Medicare insurance.

All Medicare Part D insurance is provided by private insurance companies in place of the federal government. The Medicare government program, Original Medicare, does not provide the majority of the medications you take home. Generally, you will receive the original benefits of Medicare prescription drugs only if you receive them as in-patients or as an injection into a doctor’s office. There may be other circumstances where Original Medicare pays prescription drugs. Without Medicare Part D, you may need to pay most prescription drugs out of your pocket.

How does a Medicare Advantage with Medicare Part D plan provide my prescription medications?

Prescription drugs covered by the Medicare Advantage plan are listed on the plan form or in the list of insured medications. If a required prescription drug is not included in the Medicare Advantage plan form, you can purchase insurance or change your plans during the open enrollment period, from October 15th to December 7th of each year. Medicare Advantage plans generally set insured drugs at levels that can be used to bill various prescription drugs. Level 2 prescription drugs generally cost more than Level 1 prescriptions, etc.

For example, for a delivery of the drug within 30 days, you can pay the following:

• Level 1 (preferred generic) $ 10.00 co-payment

• Level 2 (generic): $ 17.50

• Level 3 (preferred brand): co-pay of $ 45.00

• Level 4 (drug not preferred): co-pay of $ 95.00

• Level 5 insurance (special level) co-pay of  33%

• Level 6 (selective care medications) co-pay of $ 10.00

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