How to Select a High Converting Domain Name

Since the dawn of the Web, it has become a universal truth agreed upon by every successful internet marketing expert around the World, that having a great domain name is critical to your success.

A domain name is a small group of words that you’ll purchase from a domain registration company and then redirect toward the URL of your Landing Page or Lead Capture Page. (URL = universal re-direct link)

Because a URL is the exact online address where a website is hosted and can contain a combination of words, letters, numbers and even random, seemingly meaningless characters like question marks, back-slashes and dots, it’s a great idea to have a short, targeted domain name that describes your business, marketing system, product or service.

If you are using an online marketing system in which everyone is given a similar URL for their Landing Page, having a domain name that separates you from everybody else using the same system, is critical to your success.

Therefore, the domain name you purchase should be short and simple and something that intrigues a person to click on it when displayed in an email, online advertisement or from any website where your domain is posted, like at Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Buying a Domain

As a rule of thumb, always buy your own name, or a version of it.

If your name is John Smith, you might want to buy, or

If these are not available, you can use variations like, or

Even if you don’t use this domain right away, you will certainly want your own name for any personal branding you might create in the future. Of course, you can use it for your Landing Page as well, if you choose, depending on the market you displaying your domain for.

Aa a rule of thumb, it’s a great idea to use your own name in a domain, when marketing to your friends, fans or followers from the Social Media Market.

People who follow you and are your friends on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, MySpace and/or any Social Media Platform, want to know YOU, and so by using your name or a version of it, this will create curiosity in your friends, fans & followers, perhaps compelling them to click on your link at your Profile Page.

When selecting a domain name for Online Advertising, it’s a great idea to create what is known as “relevance”, by including in your domain name, a couple or few words that appear on your Landing Page.

Because this is not a Social Media Advertising Campaign, using your name is not the best option because most often the cold market doesn’t know you, yet.

So, It’s better to go with more ‘Marketing Savvy’ words in a domain name that is short, sweet and intriguing to your audience.

Again, curiosity is one of the biggest factors in compelling people to click on your link. Your advertisement could even be overlooked, but your domain name might attract all the clicks.

A great way to come up with some ideas, is to build your Landing Page first, then purchase a domain name that matches up with some of the more powerful words on the page. Or, buy your domain name first and then make sure you use the words in it on your Landing Page at least a few times, closer to the top of the page in a Pre-Headline or Headline itself, where it will catch the attention of anyone who clicked on your domain name out of curiosity.

This will also help you get a good “Quality Score” with Search Engines, especially Google, if you are using Google AdWords to drive traffic to your Landing Page.

In addition, stay away from any abbreviations or spellings that are different than its normal spelling as it will confuse people.

For example, for the word “easy”, don’t use “EZ”. (not that we recommend that word as a part of your domain – just stay away from abbreviations)

The best domains use short words and phrases that are easy to spell and easy to remember.

A good domain name should create curiosity and intrigue people and make them want to see the information at your Landing Page or website.

Of course, if your Ad is well written and draws attention by high placement on Google’s Sponsored Ad Bars, your domain name is important, but what is MORE important, is that the searcher, now turning website visitor, finds what they were looking for when they click on your advertisement. Again, this is called “relevance”.

This goes for Social Media domain names as well. If one of your Facebook friends clicks on your displayed website address (your, but they get wisked away to a Landing Page that reflects nothing about you and does not display your name, a picture of you, a video or anything about you, chances are they might think they are at the wrong page and most likely not even be interested.

You can buy inexpensive domain names at Go Daddy, if you don’t already have a domain registrar that you like. This is who I use for all my domain registration.

When visiting this website, the first thing you will want to do is Search for a Domain name, to see if it’s even available.

If it is, you will see suffixes available for the domain you choose,,.net,.org,.us,.biz,.info, etc…

.Coms are usually associated with a website where a purchase might be made, ie. the word “commerce”.

.Nets could be used for “commerce” like a dot com, but are usually associated with a network that the website would represent.

.Info is usually associated with just that, information about someone or something

.Org is usually associated with information about an organization

And the list goes on!

Pick whichever you like, however, remember that Dot com domains usually get the biggest response, not because you’ll have the best domain name online, but domains were the first to the marketplace when the internet was still in its infancy and if people forget that your domain is, they will always go to version of your domain.

Be aware that it could take up to 24 hours for a newly registered domain name to be active so be sure not to start marketing it or sharing it with others until you have thoroughly tested it to make sure that it forwards to your Landing Page.

Now, after purchasing a domain name, you will want to forward it to your website URL.

Forwarding your domain to your URL is similar to someone calling your home telephone number, but being “forwarded” to your cell or mobile phone.

Forwarding a domain name is the same concept – you choose where your purchased “Domain”, forwards to, in this case, your URL.

You can even “mask” your domain name, which simply means that when a visitor lands on your site, they will not see the URL, but the domain name which you purchased, forwarded and now want to display in the address bar of your website.

So this is how to select a high converting domain name for your URL and how to make sure that your Landing Page and/or Website gets as much traffic as possible when advertising and marketing online.

Just keep in mind that your domain name marks the beginning of your Marketing System or Funnel, so make sure that it catches people’s attention, compels them to want to look at your business and is a working link that will take them directly to your website.

Aaron Rashkin is an MLM, Direct Sales / Network Marketing & Home Based Business Expert whose 15 years experience being self employed in Free Enterprise has allowed him to earn a high multiple six figure yearly income since 2004 and currently his team reaches well over 10,000 people in 14 countries doing millions of dollars in business every year.

Guideline On The Creation Of Unique And Quality Domain Names DN

If you want to venture into an online business which most people are getting into these days, you need to create the best domain name. When you talk about the best, it must be unique, easy to remember or short enough that it would be a whole lot easier for the people to type in to the URL bar. Thinking of possible names can give you a headache like you are being hit with a stun pen. Follow through this easy guideline to get quality names for your website that will be both remembered and patronized by a great number of people.

The first thing that you have to do is create a list of the possible ideas of names that you have in mind. Create as many as you can. Once you have poured out all your ideas, you can now filter them down to those that really fit your criteria or the content which you would write on your pages. If for instance, you are talking about the best stun guns or self-defense devices, then you have to think of a name that will relate to your content. You must also make sure that you choose the ones which will not exceed 20 characters.

Once you have filtered your list to a few numbers, you can now search whether it is available on the internet or not by visiting domain name registrar websites. They conduct a wide and general search for the name that you have keyed in and it will determine its availability. These sites are companies that are certified by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers to register names for domains on the internet. This simply means that you will get reliable information from them when you submit a name for your site.

Once you have chosen a registrar site, you can now type in on the space the domain which you chose. Then click on the generic top-level domain in the Domain Name System like what you would commonly see either,.net Once you have completed all the necessary information, you can now click on the search button. The site will provide to you any matches with domain names or those which are close to what you have typed in. You will be able to see whether it is already available or not.

Your next and last move in the creation of domain name is to compare the prices that are provided by the website based on the kind of top-level domain. It will provide you with a list and you will have to choose which sounds good to you and which you think has a reasonable price. After you have chosen the name, you can now complete the registration by paying the corresponding price according to what is required by the site. This will already provide you with your own certified domain that you can use for your online business.

This is a simple guide that you can follow if you are starting to create your own domain name that will be the phrase used when someone wants to visit your website. It must be unique and you must be able to register it online so that you can already have a good start of your business.

Choosing a Unique Domain Name DN

If anyone decides to commence a new business which is based on websites, he/she must consider first for selecting a suitable domain name for his website. They are are unique alpha-numeric strings which contain English letters (A-Z), numeric numbers (0-9) and hyphens. A domain name can be up to 60 characters long or short. The recommended host names contain less than 25 characters.

The URL names always contain extensions or suffixes. The extension indicate the sort of institution, organization or country or TLD (Top Level Domain). A TLD is the highest class of domain over the internet system. For example, the suffix or extension can of the following kinds:

  • Commercial business – (.com)
  • Business – (.biz)
  • Organizations – (.org)
  • Government agencies – (.gov)
  • Network and IT organizations – (.net)
  • Informational sites – (.info)

Now-a-days, it is not easy to find a suitable or exact and unique domain name. One should find or select a phrase that is less available or unique. Please remember to never use trade mark and not to use special characters such as ampersand “&”. In choosing a domain name to be suitable and unique, one can follow the tips given below:

  • Easily memorable
  • Precise length
  • Must not be hard to spell
  • Making Branding
  • Proper density of keywords

It’s very significant naming a website after a domain name. Because, when people try to enter or think of websites, they will consider it by name. And if your name is your website’s URL, people will involuntarily know where to go. For an instance, when someone thinks of, he doesn’t have to speculate what URL for typing to the online browser screen. The name of a website is the URL as well.

Imagine that your website or business name is “Tricity” but somebody contains an domain name called “”; in this case, the customers usually type which comes to their mind first and they’ll normally type and you’ll lost a sale. Therefore, naming your host name is the most significant.

In modern world of business especially business over the internet where people usually turn to the websites for information, it requires to contain a domain name for the reflection of your sites or business. There are just little things people naturally remember and do not think for long time. Never think that the clients or customers will memorize your host name. So, it should be natural that the commoner think that means natural idea that comes around the minds of the people.

If you already have an open brand name, you must not want that name to drain-away because this existing brand name is known to your clients for longtime. In this case, you can buy a domain name from the owner who presently owns it in the name of your existing brand name.

Int ernet Banking Security

In such a way ended University of Michigan (USA) group of researchers in head of Professor Atul Prakash. He and his postgraduates Laura Falk and Kevin Borders examined 214 credit finance organization web-sites over a period of 2006.

The results have been submitted on July 25, 2010 during symposium devoted to practicable confidentiality and security in Carnegie Mellon University.

Listed design defects are not related to program errors and they cannot be recovered with a “hotfix”. The core of the issue is in the site structure and its whole planning. Widespread error is the placement of registration and authorization strings on insecure pages. One more issue is the absence of motivation that can hold any user on the page to make a lead. According to professor Prakash, many banks still have the same issues.

“To our wonder, design defects were so popular that we can meet them even on sites belonging to very big banks, – tells Prakash. – We concentrated our attention on those occasions when users tried to be careful but site structure made impossible to choose the right decision from the security point of view while Internet banking.”

These defects leaded to the “holes” in security system which can be used by hackers to get clients’ private information and get an access to their accounts.

University of Michigan website listed five main design errors that should be fixed according to professor Prakash on each banking website:

1) Authorization pages are not properly secured with SSL

This issue has been noted on 47% of all banking websites. If a hacker will use this defect, he can retarget inputted data or create a fake page to receive bank clients’ personal data. Moreover, hacker has an excellent opportunity to do man-in.the-middle attack when user can see the same URL but the page is changed to hacker’ fake page. Even very watchful users can be trapped.

The solution – use SSL on pages with confidential information. User can identify a secure page which has -s after http:// i.e. https://

2) Contact pages are not protected with SSL

This defect had been seen on 55% sites. Hackers can change contact details to collect a personal information of every client who have contacted them. Clients believe that all the info on site pages is true, that is why Professor recommends website owners to place the contact information on the page secured with SSL protocol.

3) The gap in the chain between a bank and its “Trusted” partners

When a bank has a deal with third party organizations, it just sends a client to another site with another domain name. About 30% of banking sites do like that. Here a bank should inform a client that he/she will be redirected to a trusted partner page.

4) The usage of weak login and password

Some American banks allow the usage of email or social card number as a login name. It is easy to remember for a client but it is also easy to crack for a hacker. One more common error is the lack of politics concerning password creation or the allowance of weak password. There has been figured about 28% of all banking sites that allow such logins and passwords.

5) Confidential information distribution with the help of unencrypted Email messages

The important information (password or abstract of account) sent by Email was not protected in 31% of banking sites.

Talking about the abstract of account, it should be noted that banks did not inform a client about the form of the abstract (i.e. it is an abstract, a link to it or just an alert informing the user that an abstract is ready). The usage of Email except an alert seems to be not a good idea for American experts.