Choosing a Unique Domain Name DN

If anyone decides to commence a new business which is based on websites, he/she must consider first for selecting a suitable domain name for his website. They are are unique alpha-numeric strings which contain English letters (A-Z), numeric numbers (0-9) and hyphens. A domain name can be up to 60 characters long or short. The recommended host names contain less than 25 characters.

The URL names always contain extensions or suffixes. The extension indicate the sort of institution, organization or country or TLD (Top Level Domain). A TLD is the highest class of domain over the internet system. For example, the suffix or extension can of the following kinds:

  • Commercial business – (.com)
  • Business – (.biz)
  • Organizations – (.org)
  • Government agencies – (.gov)
  • Network and IT organizations – (.net)
  • Informational sites – (.info)

Now-a-days, it is not easy to find a suitable or exact and unique domain name. One should find or select a phrase that is less available or unique. Please remember to never use trade mark and not to use special characters such as ampersand “&”. In choosing a domain name to be suitable and unique, one can follow the tips given below:

  • Easily memorable
  • Precise length
  • Must not be hard to spell
  • Making Branding
  • Proper density of keywords

It’s very significant naming a website after a domain name. Because, when people try to enter or think of websites, they will consider it by name. And if your name is your website’s URL, people will involuntarily know where to go. For an instance, when someone thinks of, he doesn’t have to speculate what URL for typing to the online browser screen. The name of a website is the URL as well.

Imagine that your website or business name is “Tricity” but somebody contains an domain name called “”; in this case, the customers usually type which comes to their mind first and they’ll normally type and you’ll lost a sale. Therefore, naming your host name is the most significant.

In modern world of business especially business over the internet where people usually turn to the websites for information, it requires to contain a domain name for the reflection of your sites or business. There are just little things people naturally remember and do not think for long time. Never think that the clients or customers will memorize your host name. So, it should be natural that the commoner think that means natural idea that comes around the minds of the people.

If you already have an open brand name, you must not want that name to drain-away because this existing brand name is known to your clients for longtime. In this case, you can buy a domain name from the owner who presently owns it in the name of your existing brand name.